Since 2006, DASTS has organized an annual STS conference in Denmark. Since 2013, the conferences take place biannually, due to the commencement of biannual Nordic STS conferences.

List of conferences to date

2024 Forthcoming DASTS Conference, 6.-7. June, Hosted by DTU, Kongens Lyngby

2023  Sixth Nordic STS Conference, Oslo, Hosted by TIC, Oslo University:

2022 – DASTS Conference, 2.-3. Juni,  Hosted by Dept. of  Communication and Culture, Aarhus University (download program)

2021 – Fifth Nordic STS Conference, May 20-21, Online, Hosted By Dept. of Organisation, Copenhagen Business School (download program)

2020 Cancelled due to Covid-19

2019 Fourth Nordic STS Conference, June 13-14, Tampere University, Finland.

2018 – DASTS Conference, 24-25 May, hosted by the Technologies in Practice Research Group at The IT-University of Copenhagen (download program)

2017 – Third Nordic STS Conference 31 May- 2 June , Hosted by the Department of Sociology and Work Science and Theory of Science at the Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science, University of Gothenburg, Sweden (download program)

2016 – DASTS Conference, 2-3 June, hosted by Centre for STS Studies, Aarhus University (download program)

2015 – Second Nordic STS Conference, 27-29 May, hosted by the Techno-Anthropology Research Group at University of Aalborg, Copenhagen, Denmark (download program)

2014 – DASTS Conference, 12-13 June, hosted by Roskilde University (download program)

2013 – First Nordic STS Conference, 24-26 April, hosted by NTNU, Trondheim Norway (download program).

2012 – DASTS Conference, 30-31 May, hosted by the Centre for Medical Science and Technology Studies, University of Copenhagen

(also in 2012: 4S/EASST Conference, 17-20 October, hosted by Copenhagen Business School)

2011 – DASTS Conference, 9-10 June, hosted by the Center for STS Studies, Information Science, Aarhus University (download program, sessions, abstracts)

2010 – DASTS Conference, 10-11 June, hosted by DPU – (download call for papers)

2009 – DASTS Conference, 11-12 June, hosted by DOIT, IT University Copenhagen (download program)

2008 – DASTS Conference, 5-6 June, hosted by Center for STS Studies, Information Science, Aarhus University (download program)

2007 – DASTS Annual workshop/Conference, 2-3 May, hosted by Copenhagen Business School (download call for papers)

2006 – DASTS Founding Annual Meeting (see program, see photos)