Excellent student papers

Excellent Student Paper Series (ESPS). ESPS is established to provide student members of DASTS with an opportunity to showcase and disseminate their papers to the broad Danish STS community. We publish papers that have either received the highest grade(12) or have been recommended by the examiners. To keep this publication venue as open, quick and informal as possible, we do not review the papers, and we do not change their original formats. All contributors are asked to provide a brief description of the vision and motivation behind their papers. The series is an initiative of the Danish Association for Science and Technology Studies (DASTS) and the STS Encounters journal.

See the list of excellent student papers here

Instruction for submission: The evaluator prints several copies of the pdf form as a hand-out to the students. Students download the form here, fill it out and submit it.

In case, submission of the form does not work. Please send the information requested in the form by email to Kasper Ostrowski, AU: imvko@cc.au.dk