Excellent Student papers

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Rasmus Mølgaard Hansen, Signe Strandsbjerg Kloppenborg, Tobias Pedersen, Victor Vadmand Jensen: “Life in the grey area – Digital marginalisation of elderly citizens in the Covid-19 vaccination invitation”, Bachelor thesis; BA; Techno-Anthropology; Aalborg University

Amanda Brødsgaard: ”Lokale Robotter i Global STS – En forskningsoversigt”, Review of Secondary Literature” (MA); Japan Studies; Copenhagen University

Alexander Luis Manuel Siegfried, Alfred Lund Felumb and Peter Zinck Munksgaard: Exploring Electronic Music:
Developing a Data Practice Thing
. Project paper, Techno-Anthropology, Aalborg University

Karen Brix Hansen: “A Phenomenology of The Manager: Female Manager’s Performativity, Articulations and Reflections on Experienced Sexes, Bodies and Manager-Positions”. Master Thesis, Aarhus University.