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Welcome to Tema’s DataLab on Vocabularies for Thinking with Data, March 6

March 6 @ 13:15 - 15:00

Welcome to this year’s first DataLab at Tema, Linköping University!

6 March, 13:15 – 15:00

Title: Vocabularies for Thinking with Data

Chaired by: Julia Velkova and Ericka Johnson

Place: Conference room at Universitetsklubben, Campus Valla, Linköping University 

During this DataLab session we will present a book, eat semlas and talk about the vocabularies that we use, do not use, or need in order to describe issues brought by digitalization and datafication. We ponder upon how the vocabularies that we use matter, when and why. What new words, terms and fields do we need?

Industries generate a buzz word a day — just think of ‘smart,’ ‘AI,’ ‘cloud,’ ‘digital twin.’  Scholars follow by generating subfields and their own buzz words for studying digital matters — think of critical infrastructure/app/platform/algorithm/data/software/… studies. What are your buzz words, vocabularies, and favorite terms? Why and when did we start calling software an app, a storage closet a ‘cloud,’ an algorithm ‘a robot?’

What are the terms that you use and why?

We kick-off the conversation with the notion of the backend, and a brief presentation of the newly published book Media Backends: Digital Infrastructures and Sociotechnical Relations (Edited by Lisa Parks, Julia Velkova and Sander De Ridder).

Everyone is welcome!

To plan for the fika, please register your attendance with satenik.sargsyan@liu.se by Feb. 28. Let us also know in case you have any allergies and dietary restrictions.

Important: We could support the travel of 1-2 PhD students or early career scholars to attend the lab session from another university in Sweden. Please send an inquiry to satenik.sargsyan@liu.se presenting yourself briefly. 




Sati Sargsyan on behalf of the DataLab team

Julia Velkova, Maria Eidenskog, Katherine Harrison


March 6
13:15 - 15:00