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Invitation to DataLab on Using generative AI for irreductionist visualization, May 22, 14:00 – 16:00

May 22 @ 14:00 - 16:00

Tema’s Datalab with Mathieu Jacomy 22nd of May 14.00-16.00, at Linköping University, Campus Valla. Limited online participation is possible.

Using generative AI for the irreductionist visualization of AI in science

This seminar will take the form of an interactive discussion where we will draw tools at some point and will be led by Mathieu Jacomy. Bring your laptop!

In this seminar, we will explore using AI and algorithms in social science through case studies and practical experiments. Looking at the use of AI to annotate, map, and visualize 2 million articles,  we discuss the controversiality of algorithms and AI in science. Network visualization, dimensionality reduction, and of course cartography, allow us to live with the trouble of empiricism: real world data is not only uncertain, but often ambiguous, equivocal, and/or polyvalent. Our experiments show that generative AI can be acceptably good at summarizing large sets of documents, but at certain conditions. How can we test and validate the results? Why would a LLM succeed at that task while it is bad at so many other things? What infrastructure should we use for such computations? We will discuss those questions and explore the conditions necessary to make generative AI a worthy ally in building new methods, techniques and tools for the computational social science and humanities.

Register by sending an email to Satenik.sargsyan@liu.se by May 20.

Important: We could support the travel of 1-2 PhD students or early-career scholars to attend the session. Please send an inquiry to satenik.sargsyan@liu.se presenting yourself briefly.  

Limited online participation is possible but the workshop will be attuned to the in-person participants for pragmatic reasons (using computers). 


May 22
14:00 - 16:00