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In 2020, Valuation Studies initiated a new phase. As explained in our website,, “the overall aim of this new phase is to strengthen Valuation Studies as a platform for curated academic conversations on valuation. In order to achieve this goal, we have introduced an important shift in how we manage submissions. New submissions will need to be in relation to an open Theme Call. The purpose of this change is to foster a more focused discussion around particular issues of valuation”.

This message is to announce two new open Theme Calls and the publication of a full themed issue.

The two new open Theme Calls are:

  • Theme Call: Valuing Energy: unpacking value in energy resources, technologies and processes. Editors: Tomas Ariztia (Universidad Diego Portales), Béatrice Cointe (Mines Paris-PSL and CNRS), Trine Pallesen (Copenhagen Business School), and Antti Silvast (LUT University). Full call here:
  • Theme Call: Comparing, Categorizing, Valuating: Entangled Modes of Ordering. Editors: Editors: Thomas Müller (Bielefeld University), Leopold Ringel (Bielefeld University), Elisa Ronzheimer (Elisa Ronzheimer), Jørgen Sneis (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich). Full call here:

The last published issue is:

  • Theme Issue. Valuation as a Semiotic, Narrative, and Dramaturgical Problem. Vol. 10 No. 1 (2023). Edited by Fabian Muniesa (Mines Paris) and José Ossandón (Copenhagen Business School)
    • Valuation as a Semiotic, Narrative, and Dramaturgical Problem. Fabian Muniesa, José Ossandón
    • The Semiosis of Stock Market Indices: Taking Charles Sanders Peirce to a Trading Room. Tom Duterme
    • “What is Design Worth?” Narrating the Assetization of Design. Ulises Navarro Aguiar
    • The Emergence of the Academic Candidate: Evaluation as textual dramaturgy. Julian Hamann, Kathia Serrano Velarde
    • Interpellating Finance – a dramaturgical model for green bond pricing. Alessandro Maresca, Giulia Dal Maso, Aneil Tripathy
    • Performing Nature’s Valuation: The art of natural capital accounting. Sylvain Maechler, Valérie Boisvert
    • Valuation through Narrative Intelligibility. Patrycja Kaszynska
    • Design and the Polysemy of Value: On a problem within the language of valuation studies. Johannes Coughlan

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José Ossandón & Trine Pallesen, editors Valuation Studies