Event: Hope or Hype – Fantastic Expectations for Biomedicine

When and where: 20 November 2023, 19:00 @ Medical Museion, Copenhagen (event in English)

This evening, three experts provide their perspective on hope and hype in biomedical research and treatment.

What role does hope play in the progress of diseases with poor prospects of cure? When medical research generates new knowledge, discoveries, and possibly even breakthroughs, optimism often follows, igniting hopes for a future cure for otherwise incurable diseases. However, not all expectations can be met, and hope can sometimes turn into unrealistic hype. But how can researchers, doctors, and patients keep hope alive without abandoning realities? How can researchers, doctors, and patients manage their hopes for the development of new treatments? Is it possible for patients to experience too much hope? And what happens when a doctor extinguishes hope for relief and improvement that new treatments cannot provide?

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