2-yr PostDoc. in Anthropology and STS (“Automated Expertise?” project)

Deadline for application:  10 September 2023

Read more here: Postdoc position: Automated Expertise? Artificial intelligence

The Danish School of Education (DPU), Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University invites applications for a postdoctoral position related to the research project “Automated Expertise? Artificial intelligence and algorithmic systems as inter-professional work practices”, funded by the Independent Research Fund (Sapere Aude). The postdoc position is full time (37 hours/week). The position is expected to begin on 1 February 2024, or as soon as possible thereafter, and ends 24 months thereafter. The position is located at DPU within the Department of Educational Anthropology (Campus Aarhus) and pertains to the research programme Future Technology, Culture and Learning.

The Danish School of Education is committed to diversity and encourages all qualified applicants to apply regardless of their personal background.

Applicants are encouraged to contact project leader Maja Hojer Bruun at mhbruun@edu.au.dk or on +45 21 24 27 30 for further information about the project.