PhD fellowship in Science Studies

Deadline for application: 18 June, 2023.

Technological platforms – such as single-cell omics, metabolomics, and computational chemistry – are a main feature of CBMR (Center for Basic Metabolic Research, University of Copenhagen). They are advanced technologies that are both sites of active scientific investigation and technologies that are well-understood enough to be applied across many different areas of investigation. From the point of view of philosophy of science, they may be seen to occupy an intermediate position between experimental objects and technological systems.

The project will investigate this in-between role of technological platforms as well as how they mediate between different groups, disciplines and research questions. Being advanced technologies, the platforms are not integrated in each group separately, but become material connections across the center. The project will thus consider both the scientific and conceptual challenges of standardizing results and the social connections established.

Methodologically the project will mix ethnographic methods of observation or interview within CBMR with conceptual work drawing on philosophy of science in practice, STS or history of science.

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