Digital and sensory expertise: Thinking deskilling and reskilling across automation

Workshop at the Technical University of Denmark on June 20, 2023 at 10.00-16.00.
Organized by Brit Winthereik & Minna Ruckenstein

The aim of this workshop is to explore forms of expertise emerging in current automation processes
and uses of artificial intelligence and consider them in tandem with various forms of resistance. We
are interested in the particulars of cases, what is shared, but also what is different across new forms
of digital expertise and their resistances when it comes to clashes with existing practices, values, and
routines at the workplace and outside of it.

Overall, our workshop seeks to establish a shared agenda for understanding forms of embodiment
and expertise amidst processes of automation. To move into that direction, we ask the workshop
participants to write short position papers (1-2 pages). Read the call in full here.

Deadlines: Please send your position paper to before May 10th.