Kick-off Webinar of the Global Pharmaceuticals & Society Studies Network

9 February 2023 from 16:00-17:30 CET

Public-private-patient partnerships, compounding or magistral preparation, and academic development of pharmaceuticals: alternatives to the classical pharmaceutical innovation model have taken off (again) since the turn of the century. Actors driving them include patients, clinicians, and pharmacists, often supported by healthcare insurers and policymakers at national and international levels.

Generally, these new ways of organising pharmaceutical innovation respond to well-known availability, accessibility, and affordability problems that increasingly dominate pharmaceutical spaces across the globe. To make these initiatives successful, people take on new-to-them roles or join hands with others in partnerships. They are, as such, examples of social innovation. 

The Global Pharmaceuticals & Society Studies Network will devote its kick-off webinar to introducing you to several social innovation alternatives and how they challenge current modes of organising pharmaceutical innovation. Confirmed speakers include Stephanie Michaud (BioCanRX, Canada).

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