Call for abstracts on ‘expertise in and around organizations’

Scholars from different fields of research (e.g., Organization Theory, Sociology, STS, and Policy Studies) have grappled with the topic of expertise through various related concepts such as knowledge work, professions, specialization, and institutional elites. These theoretical conversations create overlapping, complementary, and – at times – incommensurate understandings of the constitution and production of expertise, its role and mobilization in and around organizations, and its consequences for employees, organizations, and institutions.

The goal of this volume of Research in the Sociology of Organizations is to bring these various ways of conceptualizing expertise into conversation to understand the dynamics of expertise in and around organizations. We welcome submissions that examine expertise empirically or conceptually. We welcome a range of methodologies and perspectives.

Those interested in contributing to this volume should submit an extended abstract (3000 words excl. references and tables) by October 17th 2022. Authors of selected abstracts will be invited to participate in a paper development workshop in the spring of 2023. Final papers will be due by autumn of 2023.

For more information about the call and how to contribute, contact members of the editorial board, e.g. Kasper Elmholdt (