Call for DASTS2022 papers for STS Encounters

As announced before and at the recent DASTS2022 conference, the Danish STS journal STS Encounters, hereby issue a call for papers based on the paper presentations at the conference. We invite everyone at the conference to consider submission of a paper. The length of the papers can be between 3000-4000 words (excl. references) and the papers will of course be peer-reviewed (if you wish to submit a longer paper (app. 7-8000 words) you also welcome to do that, but then it will be treated as a normal submission). Since Encounters is an online journal we will publish the articles as soon as they are finished, but we want of course to bundle them in an issue.     

If you are interested in publishing your paper in STS Encounters, then send a short abstract (you may re-use or rewrite the one submitted to the conference) of app. 200-400 words together with 3-5 keywords. Also state what panel you presented in and who organized is. And if you did not present at the conference, but wish to submit a paper anyway, you are of course also very welcome to do so. Then please state that you did not have paper at the conference and perhaps which panel you consider your paper relevant to. 

We will of course ask those that submit papers to act as reviewers and most likely also ask the different panel organizers to act as co-editors depending on the interest.

You can see more about STS Encounters, download and read published articles here

Note that the journal very soon becomes part of the national danish Journal platform, which will increase its ‘visibility’.

Deadlines and tentative process plan:

July 1. Submission of abstracts
October 1. Submission of papers
January 15. Return of papers
March. 1. Resubmission of papers
Spring 2023: Publication of issue(s)

Please submit your abstract to this e-mail:

Sincerely and on behalf of STS Encounters,