DPU (Aarhus University) is offering a course in Technology, Subjectivity and Affect’ 19-21 May 2021, which may be of interest to STS PhD students across Denmark.

Location: Campus Emdrup, Copenhagen.

See course description and how to enrol (deadline 1 May) here:

This PhD course centres on three concepts that are central in research on the role of modern technology and our relationship to it: technology, subjectivity, and affectivity. The course will explore how these concepts have been defined in different theories, and it will discuss examples of how to carry out research using these concepts. Our starting point is that questions of how to employ such concepts are often crucial in the evaluation of scholarly work, including Ph.D. dissertations. Questions include: are the selected concepts adequate to the study and material in question? Have they been carefully chosen and defined? Could concepts from alternative theoretical traditions be used with better results? Are the concepts applied and developed in a manner that is sufficiently sensitive to the empirical material, or do they foreclose the complexities of the social and historical realities? Such questions, al concerning the use of concepts, become crucial both in the formulation of research questions, in the development of analyses, and in the synthesis of findings