Course on Eating and Being offered at the University of Copenhagen this fall

Currently we are looking for master’s students interested in delving into the complex entanglement between eating and being in the 21st century. In 1825 Brillat-Savarin proclaimed: “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are”. Forty years later Feuerbach echoed Brillat-Savarin as he famously claimed: ‘you are what you eat’. Today these strong expressions of a correlation between eating and being seem more relevant than ever. Browsing Google reveals thousands of books, articles, and blogs using ‘you are what you eat’ as part of their title. Today food is never merely food. The food on your plate always contains more than your taste buds, sense of smell, and vision reveals. It may consist of calories, fat, proteins, vitamins, and so on that can be measured to determine how healthy a meal is. Yet food is much more than its nutritive value. The food on your plate raises a multiplicity of questions ranging from concerns about identity to the relationship between lifestyle and illness. Patterns of food production and consumption are at the heart of some of the biggest global health challenges, including metabolic disorders and heart disease. Food is both material and symbolic, both nature and culture. In this course, we will explore the connections between eating and being today through an interdisciplinary and open exploration drawing on perspectives from anthropology, cultural studies, literature, metabolic research, nutrition science, philosophy and sociology.

The course is co-taught by Adam Bencard, Louise Whiteley and Martin Grünfeld all based at Medical Museion. For more information, check out the course at:

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