Call for abstracts: Growing old in a more-than human world: Materialities of care and interspecies entanglements

Panel 73 @ the EASST/4S conference in Prague 18-21. August 2020

Nete Schwennesen, Copenhagen University; Daniel Lopez Gomez, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya; Joanna Latimer, SATSU, University of York

This panel calls for papers with an interest in exploring the recent ‘post-humanist turn’ within ageing studies (Andrews & Duff 2019).  While age studies have privileged anthropocentric visions of agency, usually as a way to contest the deficit-based visions of later life in care, recent interest has grown around studying how late-life is shaped and emerge through more-than-human ecologies which involves digital technologies, robots, architectures, plants, landscapes, animals, music etc. At the same time, new theoretical orientations such as new materialism, material-semiotics, assemblage theory, non-representational theory, and affect theory have come to inform studies on later life about the need to explore more-than-human entanglements in ageing, and the configuration of later life. In this panel, we invite papers with an interest in exploring how later life is configured through more-than-human entanglements and asks: What does ageing becomes when ageing is seen as a stage of becoming-with more-than-humans? How do ‘post-human’ theories challenge human-centric notions of care? How do imaginative visions of eldercare shape future entanglements of late-life and more—than-humans? What are the new opportunities for intervention and experimentation, that opens up, when we think about later life as constituted through more-than-human entanglements?


Keywords: ageing, care, ecologies, more-than human, materiality, technology, affect, interspecies entanglements