PhD course: Design and Innovation Processes and their Staging

Dates: 3-4 June 2019 (Aalborg) and 25-27 September 2019 (Copenhagen)

Place: Aalborg University, Aalborg and Copenhagen, Denmark.  

Organized by: Søren Kerndrup and Christian Clausen, Department of Planning, Aalborg University.

Contact: Søren Kerndrup or Christian Clausen

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While innovation and design are increasingly expected to answer to a broad variety of concerns and depending on the incorporation of knowledge from a diversity of sources, questions are raised as to what kinds of sources, and how they are incorporated in processes of design and innovation. As innovative challenges and conditions are changing with increasing pace these questions cannot just be solved through a singular choice of organization or established guidelines for selecting innovative ideas. Issues of how to stage the scene and circumstances and how to facilitate processes and the involvement of diverse actors in design as well as innovation have increasingly come into focus. Successful design and innovation are seen as the outcome of interactions within a broader network spanning across diverse organizational and societal boundaries and institutions. There is a need to address the design and navigation of new fora and spaces for development where existing frames of understandings may be challenged and new patterns for interactions emerge.