2019 4S New Orleans Undergraduate Program

The 2019 4S Meeting Undergraduate Program is designed to facilitate the experience and interests of students. All 4S members are encouraged to participate in the program to help build student participation and community within 4S.  More details on the program will be announced before the conference.

Please find more information about the program and submission of papers here.

Undergraduate Call for Papers

Undergraduate students are warmly invited to submit papers for the 2019 4S meeting. All submissions should engage with the 2019 meeting theme, “Interruptions, Innovations, Regenerations” and follow the individual paper presentation format for the meeting. Students should submit their entries through the submission portal linked below. Undergraduate paper submissions will be reviewed by a general committee and then distributed to open panel organizers for further review. Accepted papers will be incorporated into open panels that best fit the theme or topic of the submission. The submission portal will ask students to list three open panels where their paper should be considered for inclusion. You can see a list of accepted open panels here.

Presenting a paper at the 4S meeting is a great way to learn about science and technology studies (STS). The meeting is committed to supporting transnational research communities, with attendees converging from different regions around the world. The meeting also highlights cutting-edge innovations in STS, including educational initiatives, research and community practice, and academic organizing.

Additionally, students who attend the conference will have access to undergraduate-tailored opportunities that are designed to orient students to 4S and conference proceedings. These events include a welcome session, debrief session, and undergraduate forum, along with the option to participate in a mentoring and/or peer-to-peer buddy program.

STS is a highly interdisciplinary field, and students from all disciplines with an interest in these topics are encouraged to apply!

Student Welcome Session

This session is designed to introduce students to the 4S Meeting. Students and facilitators will review program content, discuss networking, share logistical tips, and conclude with a networking activity. Facilitators will lead students through an agenda-setting activity for the conference. We will also prepare students for the Undergraduate Forum, which will be held the following day. This session is open to all undergraduate and graduate students.

The Undergraduate Forum

The Forum will provide a platform for discussing the needs and agendas of undergraduate students working in the field of STS. Facilitators will lead Forum participants through a set of discussion prompts to learn about undergraduate experiences and interests; notes from the discussion may be summarized in a report for 4S. The Forum will also facilitate networking and planning for undergraduate programming at 4S 2020. The Undergraduate Forum is open to all conference attendees and is designed to:

1) learn about undergraduate experiences with STS,
2) build networks for STS undergraduates
3) discuss programming for undergraduates within 4S.

Student Debrief Session

This session is designed to debrief students on their 4S Meeting experience. Facilitators will lead students through several activities that allow them to reflect on research interests and networking opportunities. Students will have the opportunity to share what they learned — what worked and what did not work — through structured discussion. Facilitators will also review major discussion points from the Undergraduate Forum. Students will leave the session with a number of prompts for thinking about STS and their career plans.

Please direct questions and inquiries to Ali Kenner.