Postdoc on Innovation Policy in China

The Department of Organization invites applications for a postdoc position within the field of STS and organization studies. The three-year postdoc (research and teaching) is part of the collaborative research project “Isomorphic differences: familiarity and distinctiveness in national science and innovation policies” funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark (project description available upon request). The postdoc has a special focus on current Chinese science and innovation policy, organizational initiatives and patterns of implementation. We are interested in postdocs that will study this topic from a sociology of science and technology (STS) or organization studies perspective; conduct comparative analysis of policy documents and statements, institutional structures and initiatives, and the perspectives of key actors; investigate a selected “big science” collaboration in China (currently designated as the Beijing Genomics Institute); help explore the similarities and differences between Chinese science and innovation policy and those of the USA and Denmark. The scholarship requires the candidate to conduct some empirical fieldwork in China, but also to be willing to stay for the main part of the scholarship in the Copenhagen area.
The Department of Organization (IOA) pursues a problem-oriented, business in society approach to understanding and intervening in organizations and institutions. Our research is driven by an interest in organization as a practical, situated, contested and changing matter. Our approach is interdisciplinary and combines social-scientific traditions such as organization theory, sociology, science and technology studies, political economy, and social psychology in the analysis of organizing processes and their outcomes. Methodologically, we value qualitative research methods highly and often adopt case study and fieldwork methodology.
The teaching responsibilities associated with the position comprise undergraduate teaching and supervision in subjects such as organization theory, organizational analysis and qualitative methods.
The post doc is a non-tenured position for a three-year period, which entails 2/3 research obligation and 1/3 teaching.
Deadline for application: Nov 1, 2018.
Read more about the position here.