Call for Papers: Perceptions and constructions of resources, resource crises and resource futures: looking at the Arctic and other spaces

Annual Meeting of The Danish National Committee for the History and Philosophy of Science.

In recent years, natural resources have become a crucial concern and received increasing political attention. As important as the material and physical manifestations of resource regimes and its changes in time are its intellectual and ideological implications. The perceptions and the politics of natural resources depend on local experiences and discourses of resources and social constructions of resource knowledge. A range of scientific approaches served for the representation and objectivization of natural resources including resource statistics, inventories, predictions and projections on a global scale.

This part has a focus on the Arctic, but also invites contributions to other regions. Proposals are welcome, which address intellectual and ideological underpinnings of resource perceptions, visions and policies of extracting actors and stakeholders as well as of local people. Particularly welcome are contributions putting the Arctic and other areas in a comparative perspective. Key questions comprise the following: Which perceptions and imaginaries of natural resources and of resource scarcity, criticality and crisis existed in European societies and institutions? Which scientific approaches such as resource statistics, inventories, predictions and projections served the discursive construction of resources? How did resource challenges, scarcity experiences and exploitation relations shape perceptions and discourses as well as regional and national identities both in Europe and beyond? Which national and transnational actors and contexts contributed to the construction of resources and resource visions and futures? To what extent did resource perceptions, policies, technologies and problems contribute to the construction of ideas about Europe? Which future research in these topics is needed?

Please send proposals for contributions of ca. 200 words and a CV to matthias.heymann[at] The deadline is 23 September 2018. Travel and accommodation of accepted contributors will be fully funded. Decisions will be taken and a program be circulated in early October. This meeting is at the same time part of the research network “Challenging Europe: Technology, environment and the quest for resource security” (EURES) of the Tensions of Europe Research Group on Technologies, Environment and Resources.