PhD Course in STS. “Introduction to STS: Unpacking Technoscience Studies”

The course is 7.5 credits and will be given in weeks 45-48 and week 51 (5 Nov – 30 Nov, 18 Dec 2018).

The course gives an introduction of theories and approaches that are central for researching the interplay between technology and society. The introduction to Science and Technology Studies (STS) include central areas such as SSK, SCOT, ANT, Sociotechnical systems, ad user-producer perspectives. In addition to reading and discussing key texts, participants will also be familiarised with the criticism and debate surrounding key theoretical positions of the field. The course is designed to provide ample opportunities for reflection and discussion of perspectives, theories and concepts in STS, particularly as they relate to the course participants’ own research interests.

The course is hosted by Tema T in Linköping and faculty include: C-F Helgesson, Ericka Johnson, David Moats, Harald Rohracher, Else Vogel, Steve Woolgar, and Teun Zuiderent-Jerak

Examination include active participation in all course sessions and the writing and presentation of an essay.

Sessions in Linköping:
8 Nov (start 13:00) – 9 Nov (end 12:00)
15 Nov (start 13:00) – 16 Nov (end 12:00)
22 Nov (start 13:00) – 23 Nov (end 12:00)
29 Nov (start 13:00) – 30 Nov (end 12:00)
18 Dec (10-18) Presentation of essays and course evaluation
(A complete syllabus with readings will be available in August.)

(There is no fee for taking the course, but participants are expected to fund travel and stay-overs in Linköping from their home institution.)

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For questions about the doctoral program in Technology and social change, please contact Teun Zuiderent-Jerak (teun.zuiderent-jerak[at]

For questions about the content of the course, please contact Claes-Fredrik Helgesson (claes-fredrik.helgesson[at]