PhD fellowship: Project Management and its methods and tools: The co-construction of practices, artefacts and software

The Center for STS studies offers a PhD fellowship in the field of Science-Technology-Society (STS) and project management (PM).

The aim of the position is to research project management practices through qualitative methods. Applicants should engage in a project conducting empirical studies on the use in practice of project management (PM) software and other artefacts, including embedded functions for communication, planning, etc. such as Gantt charts or network analysis in order to analyse how PM software and practices co-constitute project management. There is a strong gap between the level of diffusion of PM software and the academic research on it, in particular on its consequences for and co-constitution of PM in practice. The project should research the different types of PM software and the relations between PM software and the different approaches to PM. The Aim is to generate insight into usage patterns of PM software, and into the co-construction of software (and other PM tools) and project management. Applicants should be acquainted with at least one of the fields of PM, Science-Technology-Studies or Computer-Supported Cooperative Work. 

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