Postdoctoral Fellow within the research project BIODIAL

BIODIAL is financed by the FRIPRO program of the Norwegian Research Council. Its purpose is to investigate how various human and nonhuman lives are socially constructed as more or less valuable, and how such constructions are informed and troubled by cultural, literary, and social representations of disability, illness, and animality.The project brings interdisciplinary and intersectional attention to the ways that certain lives can be considered somehow less than “human”—whether the lives are those of disabled human beings, or nonhuman animals, or dehumanized and animalized human populations. Biopolitics is a theoretical field that offers new ways of bringing together disability studies, animal studies, and posthumanism, including Foucauldian-inspired work on social constructions of “life” that have become politicized terrain. The result of these constructions include dominant discourses about which forms of life should be allowed to live or die, as well as stigmatization and discrimination based upon what is considered “normal” or “natural”

The main purpose of the fellowship is to qualify researchers for work in higher academic positions within their disciplines. Read more about the position and apply here.