Postdoctoral position as researcher in Techno-Anthropology

The Department of Learning and Philosophy, Aalborg University invites applications for the position of a postdoctoral researcher in Techno-Anthropology. The position is a three-year full-time postdoctoral researcher position and is available from 1 March 2018 or as soon as possible thereafter. See more here.

The postdoc will be part of the Techno-Anthropology Research Group and the interdisciplinary research project “Secure Estimation and Control Using Recursion and Encryption (SECURE)”.
About the position:

Contemporary developers of the IoT and cyber-physical systems (CPS) envision that future societies will have an increasingly high level of integration between cyber-, physical, and social worlds. One area of such integration is energy production and consumption where the so-called smart grid is expected to establish communication and coordination between large numbers of entities in a way that facilitates critical operational decisions. This interaction between entities requires exchange of privacy-sensitive information, which raises critical questions about the users’ trust and participation in the system.

The interdisciplinary research project SECURE develops technical solutions for data-privacy and security in the management of cyber-physical systems in connected societies. The project includes a Techno-Anthropological investigation of how developers and future users relate to social and ethical issues of data sharing, privacy and trust. The project involves researchers from the fields of techno-anthropology, mathematics, electronic systems, automation and control engineering, and offers a unique opportunity for participating in interdisciplinary research collaboration.

In the SECURE project, the postdoc will conduct an ethnographic study in 2018-2019 among different groups of potential users and designers of cyber-physical systems and examine how core themes such as trust, security, privacy-sensitivity and ethics are articulated in the work practices of the project partners. Important tasks of the postdoc position will be to arrange two stakeholder workshops in 2019 and 2020, including the development of specific participatory methods for stakeholder involvement in the design of privacy-preserving ICT platforms. The postdoc will also contribute to the dissemination of findings in formats targeted at the broader public, e.g. through demonstrations and exhibitions about socio-technical aspects of future CPS, and to the production of a policy brief on social and ethical issues related to the integration between cyber-, physical, and social worlds.

Any enquiries about the position and the SECURE project (including a project description) may be addressed to assistant professor Astrid O. Andersen, email aoa[at], telephone (+45) 6196 7282.