Telecare and the transformation of care – Beyond promises and nightmares

Research seminar with Professor Jeannette Pols at Department of People and Technology, Roskilde University.

Thursday 9 February kl 13-16.

In recent years telecare has become a new mantra for reforming social care and healthcare in many western countries. This has fostered both utopian and dystopian discussions on the future of care; on the one side emphasizing the potential for empowerment and efficiency, and on the other side the threats of loneliness and ‘coldness’. During the last decade a stream of STS inspired research with focus on the practices of telecare have invited us to go beyond the notions of warm versus cold care and have shedding new lights on how technologies may transform care and care work. In this research seminar one of the prominent figures within this tradition Professor Jeanette Pols will present her research on how new logics of care are produced in the practices and infrastructures that are developed around telecare, and discuss the implications for conceptions of care, clients and professionals and the relations. The seminar will offer opportunities to engage in discussions with Jeannette Pols.

Jeannette Pols is Socrates Professor at the department of Sociology and Anthropology, Faculty of Behavioral & Social Sciences, at the University of Amsterdam. The name of the chair is ‘Social Theory, Humanism & Materialities’, or more colloquially: empirical ethics in care. She works as associate professor at the section of Medical Ethics, Department of General Practice at the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam. Her research and teaching develop the ethnographic study of ethical questions. Technologies are central here. In comparative ethnographic analyses, her research provides insight into the practical and desirable ways in which these technologies shape care and societies, and the repertoires of ‘being human’ that follow from these practices. The aim is to discover and develop normative directions in complex technological societies.

Annette Kamp, Ass Proffessor, PhD, e-mail: kamp[at]

Department of People and technology.