Public lecture and small reading group with Tommaso Venturini

Dear DASTS members,

We have gotten the opportunity to invite Tommaso Venturini ( for a public lecture and a smal reading group on October 24th. You are all very welcome to join both events.

Tommaso is an important figure in the field of controversy mapping, where he has been frontrunner in thinking about how digital methods can be used to conduct ANT-inspired studies of controversies (see link to his two foundational papers below). The plan for his visit to AAU-CPH is as follows:

13.00 – 14.30: Public lecture focused on how to map climate controversies with digital methods. More specifically, Tommaso will present data from a newly finished cartographic project that explores thematic changes in the way the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have debate this issue over time. (Room: FKJ6 205)

15.00 – 16.30: Small reading group with 10-15 interested researchers. The headline of the reading group will be ’ “What is a Boundary? On Continuity and Density in the Social Sciences” and it will focus on visual network analysis as a methodological tool in ANT. The participants will be expected to have read two of Tommaso’s draft papers in order to stimulate a fruitful discussion. (Room: TBA)

The public lecture is open for all, but drop me an email (, if you are interested in participating in the reading group.

All the best

Anders Koed Madsen, Techno-anthropology, AAU-CPH

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