Call for contributions: Workshop with Bruno Latour on the Economy in AIME

Hosted by Copenhagen Business School. 24-26 February 2013.

‘The modes of economies’

Co­nve­n­ers: Vin­cent An­to­nin Lepi­nay (Sciences Po), Martin Korn­be­rger and Urs­ula Ple­sner (CBS)

We invite rea­d­ers and co-resear­ch­ers of AIME to join us for a unique series of events in Copen­ha­gen from Fe­b­ruary 24 to 26, 2014.

On Mon­day Fe­b­ruary 24, at 4.30pm at the Copen­ha­gen Bus­i­ness School, the AIME platform will be pr­ese­nted by the team of sc­h­olars and desig­n­ers who have devel­oped it.

On Tues­day 25th (all day) and Wed­nes­day 26th (morning), a workshop will take place at the Copen­ha­gen Bus­i­ness School (CBS Ovn­ha­llen). The last three chap­t­ers of AIME will be tested em­piri­ca­lly.

On Wed­nes­day 26th, at 5pm, Bruno La­tour will give a public co­n­f­erence on The Af­fects of Capi­t­alism at the Royal Danish Acad­emy of Sciences and Let­ters.

If you’re interested please note the rather tight deadlines:

Submission deadline : January 20

Notification of acceptance: January 27

For more information please contact Vin­cent Lep­inay (