INES workshop

Dear DASTS colleagues,
We are very proud to announce the realization of our international workshop INES 2012 in Copenhagen the afternoon of Oct 16 and the morning of Oct 17. In the webpage you will find the Program for the workshop. We have 14 full papers submitted. They are available for members of the DASTS community willing to post commentaries in the webpage. If you are interested in doing so, please write to Andrés Valderrama in order to obtain access. We welcome the participation of any of you, your students and your colleagues appreciating and supporting the authors of these 14 papers to move forward in their contributions to the INES and the STS community. The organizers of the workshop are Ulrik Jørgensen and Andrés Valderrama (in representation Aalborg University, the Project on Challenges and Opportunities for the Future of Engineering in Denmark PROCEED and the STS-Engineering node of INES in Copenhagen)