Seminar talk: Preterm babies as transcriptions of modernity

Tuesday 8 May, Kyra Landzelius from the Department of Science and Technology Studies at Göteborg University will give a seminar talk at Medical Museion with the title “The Genealogy of a Categorical Trickster: The Preterm Baby as Modernity’s Transcription”.
Kyra Landzelius is a medical anthropologist, currently at the Department of Science and Technology Studies, Gothenburg University. Landzelius received her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, and since coming to Europe has been a visiting scholar at Cambridge University, and a Lise Meitner fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Science, Technology and Society, Graz. She is currently working on a book provisionally entitled: Via Prosthetic Worlds: The Multiple Inventions and Technological Uncanny of the Preterm Baby.

Time & place: 8. May 2.00-4.00 pm. Fredericiagade 18, 1310 K.
Everybody is welcome. For further information, please contact Sniff Nexø at

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