Visit series of events at the exhibition “Pengemanual”

“Pengemanual is an exhibition at Nørrebro´s Blaa Galleri, in København. It is a public initiative, with some funding from Statenskunstfund, exploring different forms and concepts of money. The exhibition material is sourced from ethnographic research into money from bankers, consumers, and artists, and takes the form of an innovative, interactive exhibition. The overall purpose of the exhibition is to explore money from anthropological and interaction design perspectives. Focusing on form in relation to different types of money, the rituals involved in exchange, and the structural elements of monetary construction. The exhibition experience will unpack money as a designed phenomena, including interactive elements allowing participants to explore the implications of designing forms of money. The approach is a refreshing attempt to expand understandings of money and create a space for the emergence of new meanings surrounding a social phenomena so central to everyday life, who’s terms of discussion are often overly narrow. What is money? How is it created? How is it imbued with value? How do social practices inflect monetary exchange? What is the relationship between technological innovation, money, and future social forms? The Pengemanual exhibition probes these questions through an exciting three week, multi-media exhibition, along with a series of workshops and speaking events. “
Within the exhibition run we have 6 talk events. Entry is free, but guests should register in advance through an eventbrite link on our facebook page:


Events programme:

#1: Bankers skaber penge ud af ingenting // Ib Ravn – 12. oktober

#2: Bitcoins, blockchain og etik // Peter Mikkelson & Simon Ousager – 17. oktober

#3: Helt uden kontanter // Laura Horn og Tune Revsgaard Nielsen – 19. oktober

#4: Uøkonomiske mænd og økonomiske kvinder // Lola Baidel og Lise Skou – 24. oktober

#5: Hacking the future of money // Brett Scott (in English) – 25. oktober

#6: Complementary currencies: når folket laver sine egne penge // Rasmus Dalland – 26. Oktober

                                                           //Charles Kinga