Aviation Cultures: Northern Hemisphere Satellite Seminar

Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen

Meeting Room 20.4.40

22 September 2017

15.00 to 17.00


Speakers include:

Dr Prudence Black, University of Sydney

Prof Stephen Muecke, University of Adelaide

Assoc Prof Dorthe Gert Simonsen, University of Copenhagen


This seminar is aimed at creating a dialogue between scholars, museum professionals and other interested groups to expand the field of technology, mobility and aviation cultures beyond the Pacific and Indian Oceans to include the Northern Hemisphere.

The short papers aim to spark discussion, and will include a diversity of approaches including an account of the affective spaces of aviation and more-than-human airspaces. In these environments, humans are testing the limits of their humanity, which was never fully defined or confined. Human experience was always environmentally and technologically networked. Discussion will include consideration about how technology has allowed or forced passengers to occupy this particular experimental space: the re-imagining of humans as flying beings continues to evolve.


There is no fee for the seminar but please RSVP by Monday 14th September to prudence.black[at]sydney.edu.au