Best wishes from Nordic STS 2017 in Gothenburg

Dear all,

With this letter we would like to send a warm thank you to all the participants at the third Nordic science and technology studies conference. We also take this as an opportunity to make a brief report from all parts/events of the conference.

Participants: it was all of you who made it such a great event!  We were no less than 114 people. From the Nordic countries the number of participants came from: 53 Sweden, 30 Denmark, 5 Norway and 8 Finland. 16 participants came from other European countries, and 2 participants from other parts of the world.

Pre-conference meeting: 25 PhD students came to the lunch that had been arranged as a pre-conference meeting. The PhD students discussed each other’s work, shared information about relevant courses and emphasized the value of keeping in touch through the email-list that was created for this pre-conference event.

Keynote speakers/plenary sessions: Ulrike Felt and David Demortain gave great keynote speeches (if you missed it their abstracts are to be found here:—title-and-abstracts-/. Helen Verran is sorry that she had to cancel due to family reasons and she sent us all warm regards and the best of luck. We are happy that the panel participants Kerstin Sandell, Johan Söderberg, Kean Birch, Peter Danholt and Darrin Durant in the panel Post-truth and ignorance: what are the theoretical implications for STS? could stand in for the cancelled keynote and gave their presentations as a plenary session instead of an ordinary parallel paper presentation.

Party: On the Thursday evening we had dinner at an underground venue – a theme picked up by Aant Elsinga in his talk Taking STS underground, which you can read here in case you missed it:

Panels/paper sessions: during these days together we gave a little more than 100 presentations in 20 thematic sessions. An extra thanks to you who did an extra job acting as chairs at these sessions!

Lunch events: On the Thursday we organized two lunch events. In one of them Ulrike Felt, as one of the editors, told us about the process behind the fourth STS handbook. The other lunch event Bodies in/and STS gathered around 20 people who shared information about ongoing projects, research interests, upcoming events, courses, book series etc. This was the start of the Nordic network Bodies in/and STS those who are interested in joining the network/email-list can contact or

Organization: Three departments organized this conference: The department of sociology and work science and The department of linguistics philosophy and theory of science at the University of Gothenburg, and STS at Chalmers University of Technology. Some people were of course extra involved: Linda Soneryd, Johan Söderberg, Andreas Gunnarsson, Jesper Pettersson, and Anna Åberg – we are all very thankful to the extra achievement made by Doris Lydahl that took a huge responsibility for the conference organization!

We also are very happy for the contributions of our volunteers – you did a great job: Lave Thorell, Gabriel Nyberg, Sofia Ericsson, Lennart Englund, Jakob Lundgren and Marie Vertiachykh.

The Nordic STS Scientific Committee – C-F Helgesson, Christopher Gad, Sampsa Hyysalo and Kristin Asdal – has been very supportive during the process of organizing this event!

Funding: thanks to Västra Götaland Region and the City of Gothenburg we got drinks and food on the Wednesday evening. The Nordic Sociology Association (NSA) also gave a valuable contribution to support the conference. NSA wants to highlight that as the conference is Nordic we should reach out to a broader Nordic community, e.g. make a greater effort to include Icelandic scholars in the future. Perhaps we can use the NSA as a channel to reach more Icelandic scholars.

Last but not least – see you in 2019 in Tampere: the Fourth Nordic STS conference will take place in May/June 2019, exact dates TBD closer to the event.


Organizers: Finnish Association for Science and Technology Studies & University of Tampere, Research Centre for Knowledge, Science, Technology and Innovation Studies.


Organizing committee (to be supplemented):

Reetta Muhonen (Research Center for Knowledge, Science, Technology and Innovation Studies, TaSTI,, University of Tampere/UTA, chair of Finnish Society for Science and Technology Studies/FSSTS), Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen (UTA), and Minna Saariketo (FSSTS).


Best wishes from Nordic STS 2017 in Gothenburg