Invitation to suggest journals and publishers for the Danish Bibliometric research indicator (BFI)

Dear DASTS members

The Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator  (Den Danske Bibliometriske Forsningsindikator), BFI is used to assess Danish publication patterns. Although the BFI was originally introduced to redestribute funds across research institutions, it is increasingly used to assess the publication record of individual researchers in relation to local publishing expectations and grant applications.

Therefore it is important that the journals and publishers that represent the Danish STS publication channels are well-represented on the list. New and old journals may emerge as publication channels for STS research.

The BFI list is updated regularly by the Ministry of Research at certain intervals based on academic assessment in 68 academic groups.

STS scholars may publish in many areas, but the interdisciplinary academic group 68 for Science Studies and Research analysis (Videnskabsstudier og Forskningsanalyse) covers many important STS journals.

So this is an invitation to suggest journals for the BFI-list to group 68.  Before you do so, please check that your suggestion is not already on the full BFI list  Note that the journal might be on the list but ‘belong’ to another of the 68 academic groups.

Please make suggestions in this system.

Or you may suggest journals directly to the members of group 68, which can be found at the bottom of this list

Have a nice day

The Board of DASTS