Entrepreneurship in the Age of Innovation: Individuals and their environments

Talk by Brit Ross Winthereik, Associate Professor and Head of ETHOS Lab, IT University of Copenhagen at the third STL seminar this term.

Time: 4th April 2017, 15.00-16.30
Location: Auditorium 1.008, Building 1, AAU Copenhagen.

“In this talk I present some troubling insights about inventors in the age of innovation. I base my argument on fieldwork conducted among people who develop technological concepts that convert ocean waves into electricity. For reasons that I will outline in my talk, inventors of technologies for wave energy conversion are not seen as the heroes of the innovation age. To help understand why they are not, we need to pass through debates in science and technology studies on innovation, social process and individuality.”

Maria Duclos Lindstrøm, Postdoc at Dept. of Sociology, University of Copenhagen, will serve as discussant.

The event is in English and open to the public. No registration needed.

The Science, Technology and Learning Seminars explores the interface(s) between technologies and learning. The Seminar Series are hosted by the Techno-Anthropology Research Group (TANT) and the Research Lab for IT and Learning Design (ILD), both at the Department of Learning and Philosophy, Aalborg University Copenhagen.

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