Call for Papers: Feminist STS at work

CfP: Kvinder Køn og Forskning 2018/1 

Guest editors: Stine Willum Adrian, AAU, Nete Schwennesen, KU, & Lea Skewes, AU 

Feminist science and technology studies (Feminist STS) is an interdisciplinary field which has its own genealogy of conceptualizing the body, sex/gender, nature/culture, philosophy of science & technology, and the human and non-human (Fausto-Sterling, Harding, Haraway, Fine, Strathern, Lykke, Moser, Fox Keller, Diamond, Barad, Tallbear, Subramaniam). Feminist STS is characterized by not only critically analyzing inequalities regarding intersections (or interference) of gender, sexuality, race, class, dis/ability, abelism and age, it also questions the premises of what science and the making of technologies is and could be. Furthermore, feminist STS contains a commitment to include interventionist approaches in order to enable more just and ethical worlds. With this special issue of Gender and Research (Kvinder, Køn og Forskning), we encourage scholars to submit papers that are illustrative of what happens when concepts, theories or methods from the field of feminist STS ‘goes to work’ in different places and practices through which science and technology are performed. What theoretical, methodological and analytical contributions do feminist STS enable in researching technologies and science? What are the critical questions and worlds that emerge out of feminist STS, and what politics of change are at stake?

We encourage contributions that put Feminist STS at work in all kinds of settings and relations, including:

  • ·      Climate change and environmental challenges
  • ·      The health care sector, including reproductive technologies, processes of death and dying, and medical and pharmaceutical technologies
  • ·      Studies of ageing, dis/ability and welfare technologies
  • ·      Big data, laboratory work and big science
  • ·      The entanglements of sex, gender and sexual orientation, the biology of the body, neuro-science and trans-studies

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Deadline for abstracts (max 200 words): Marts 1, 2017

Deadline for articles: June 15, 2017


All contributions must be in English and should be submitted to: redsek[at]

Guidelines for submissions click here.